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Bob Doyle

Bob Doyle - Department 66 Wine co-founder, an online wine shop

Being English the passion for wine does not come naturally, the English are more into beer! It was when I first studied Hotel Management at university and wine was on the curriculum then it was “POW” like a new dawn and I instantly fell in love with wine.

I went to Plumpton College in UK which included all facts of wine making for 2 years but then operational experience was to come whilst following the “crush”. I went to Western Australia working for Plantangenet wines in Mount Baker then to the USA, Washington State and learnt more about the organic aspect with China Bend wines.

I then had the opportunity to work in France and worked as the winemaker for the local cave cooperative in Cucugnan. A delightful village a few kilometres from Maury, Cucugnan was also where I met my future partner and Mother of my 3 children. Love blossomed as well as the vines ! It was in Maury where I next found a position as cellar master and team leader with Calvet-Thunevin. It was during my 7 years in this area of France where I learnt a vast amount about the beautiful but challenging terroir.